Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2023 and making a plan for 2024.

Published 2024-1-01

Explorations and Integrations

Making more open source contributions and doing some fun game audio integrations.

Published 2023-8-05

Tools vs. Output. Also, comments!

A reposting of some thoughts I had regarding working on tools vs working on games. Also, there are comments now!

Published 2023-03-22

Test post please ignore

Just a little test.

Published 2022-12-02

The Fediverse, game dev, and other updates

Another irregularly-spaced update into my daily goings-on.

Published 2022-11-12

Svelte Svelte Svelte

Making some barely visible upgrades to transition from Gatsby to SvelteKit. Also, plans!

Published 2022-05-03

Second blog post: I'm alive!

Finally getting back to this blog and adding an RSS feed.

Published 2022-04-01

First blog post

My first test post with this markdown blog.

Published 2021-09-22