Svelte Svelte Svelte

Published: 2022-05-03

Once again, I return with a new update about the website! I’ve been experimenting with Svelte recently and I’m finding myself more and more drawn to it. The way it’s just a step or two removed from writing regular HTML/CSS/JS is really appealing, plus it’s way lighter than Gatsby + all the React boilerplate, plugins, etc. The difference in overall project size is something like 350 MB down to just over 40 MB!

You may also notice the new Mastodon logo down in the footer. With the drama surrounding Twitter ownership I saw more than a few people moving to Mastodon and had my curiosity piqued enough to try it. Though initially I made my account on the standard instance, I soon migrated it over to an instance run by Trevor Flowers over at Wider Web. It’s meant specifically for Web and XR peeps and I find it much cozier than sharing an instance with however many thousands of randoms, but I digress.

So what’s next, now that I’ve managed to spend another weekend basically making the same website again? Well, this recent foray into Mastodon (and Lemmy) has got me thinking about what ways I could incorporate federation into some of my future projects. There’s a group called Immers Space that have been working on federated immersive web experiences, and it looks like they have some stuff built out already that will let me be able to authenticate users through a combination of ActivityPub + OAuth, which is exactly what I’m looking for for my next project. I won’t get too into detail now (that can be saved for a later blog post) but I’m very interested in supporting multiple methods of verifying and persisting identity in my app, whether that be through traditional OAuth through Google + my own DB, an Immers server, or web wallet signing for those that would prefer to confirm their identity on-chain. There are of course various other games, projects, and hacks I have cooking, but nothing too close to completion yet. I’ll make more noise about em when they’re closer to being done.

That’s about all from me for now! I’ll be back, hopefully in the near future, with more updates. Stay tuned.